Engagement Rings

Saying those four magical words: “Will you marry me?” almost every time comes with a real storm of emotions. The breath is stopping, the heart is pounding like crazy and the entire body is starting to sweat from the anticipation. During this special moment a million thoughts is swirling inside one’s head, while impatiently waiting for the answer. Often one of those thoughts screams – “Wait, did I pick the right engagement ring?!” Choosing the perfect ring for your fiancée can be a quite difficult task to take on. There are so many types of precious stones, cuts and designs, you can quickly find yourself drowning in the sea of those sparkling, little beauties. In this article we are covering most of the engagement rings you can find at the jewelry store, to make your choice as perfect as possible.


Various types, styles and appearances of engagement rings


EngagementRingsVintage engagement rings can be the answer you are looking for, if your better half loves romance, long walks in the moonlight and candle-lit dinners inside of a blooming garden. A good idea to make her the happiest woman on Earth is to opt for the rings that embody the pristine beauty of such designs as Retro, Art Deco or Victorian. Nowadays, antique engagement rings are very popular, offering a diversified range of choice. You can decide on those with milgrain details or scrollwork patterns, or even on dainty bands.

Sapphire engagement rings are the embodiment of class and sophistication, emanating with a captivating contrast of platinum and deep blue. There is no true lady who is able to resist of having such a beautiful decoration on her finger. Feel free to browse amongst perfect princess cuts, exquisite diamond halos, and mesmerizing white gold split shanks. Every one of these natural blue sapphire, engagement rings is designed with exceptional quality, making a colorful statement of refinement and elegance. Want to make your fiancée to feel like a royal princess? There is no better way to do it.

Unique engagement rings are being more and more sought-after by future husbands, who are looking for an original symbol of their love. They are just excellent for every woman who wants to stand out from the crowd. The designs of such engagement rings can be very creative and quite unusual in some cases. They often depart from the traditional forms, offering colored gemstones, distinctive bands and personal engravings. These precious lovelies can be a great way of highlighting the individual style of a future bride, who loves to steal the spotlight with her ring finger.

Rose gold engagement rings are one of the best combinations of the charming magnificence and the timelessness of true romantic femininity. Truly fantastic as both the endearing engagement rings and fashionable wedding bands. The most enticing beauty of those rings is embedded in their alluring details. The beryl precious stones often have the presence of manganese inside of them. And they are available in many shades of bright colors – from faded peach to vivid blush pink. You can also find them in topaz versions that come in white, yellow, pink, purple, orange, and different shades of blue tones.

diamond engagement ringsDiamond engagement rings are definitely the most popular ones, and many future brides dream of slipping such a gorgeous embellishment on their finger. Diamond rings come in various forms and cuts, ranging in their choice as much as in their price. The most typical ones are the solitaires, which feature one center diamond and a plain metal band. However, if you want something with a bit more of a glamour touch, you can always go with diamond accents on the band or peekaboo diamond engagement rings. And for a low diamond setting, try a trellis or basket setting, which beautifully accentuates its refinement.

Opal engagement rings are very eye-catching pieces of jewelry, and a great substitute for someone, who does not want to have a traditional diamond ring on her finger. Opals are the sixth most popular precious stones for engagement rings, glistering gracefully with their rich set of rainbow colors. Such bedazzling work of art is just perfect for accentuating the colorful personality of a lovely bride to be. Every opal is unique in its appearance, giving you the chance to combine it with every style there is – from vintage to modern.

Cushion cut engagement rings have been cherished for their enduring elegance and luxury appearance for centuries. Sparkling with refinement and sophistication, each of those enticing masterpieces is popular in many style settings, especially antique and retro. A cushion cut center diamond is probably the best choice, if you are not sure which kind is most preferred by your better half. With such gorgeous engagement rings, you are getting fashionable and timeless, precious stones with large facets and rounded corners. Perfect for awaking a true, romantic feeling in the heart of your most precious gemstone.

Princess cut engagement rings dazzle with their stunning beauty like the brightest stars on the cloudless night sky. The whole secret of these breathtaking gems is their unflawed design aimed at maximizing their flashy sparkle yet still maintaining a stylish square form. With these engagement rings, you can choose between three stone settings or exquisite solitaire, or decide on more traditional shapes with a contemporary style, modern charm or antique loveliness. You can be sure that your future queen will never take it off of her finger.

Emerald engagement ringsEmerald engagement rings emanate with their enticing green like no other gemstones in the world. Created from a rich-in-green beryl mineral, they shine with an intense and very eye-catching appearance. They can be used as engagement rings with many different styles and forms, ranging from antique states of art to breathtaking, modern masterpieces. Valued throughout the history, emeralds often were used as wedding gemstones, and even now nothing has changed in this manner. They are still very trendy and cherished by their timeless elegance.

Now, with the right time and place, and the perfect engagement ring , all you are left to do with is to pop the question. Remember to speak from the bottom of your heart, letting her know how much she means to you. Do this right and her answer is going to make you the happiest man alive. Good luck!